Thanks to your interest and support, the initial pressing of 500 copies of the Said I Had a Vision LP sold out before the official November 26th release date. (At least, our cache of copies is all gone, though the album is still available at discerning stores worldwide.) As David Lee puts it, the records are flying off the shelves! But if you don’t yet own a copy, don’t despair–we ordered 500 more Visions, and we will begin shipping them on January 18, 2011. 500 Visions + 500 Visions = 1000 Visions.

To buy your copies of the repressing, Paypal us directly using this button:

You might also find remaining copies of the original pressing in fine record shops near you. The gentlemen at the mighty Mississippi Records are distributing PoB-01 internationally, so many stores that carry their exemplary products will also stock Vision.

The album is also now available to purchase as an mp3 download directly from iTunes, Amazon Music, and other purveyors of online tunes, albeit without the bonus materials and inserts.

In further news, thanks to John Mulvey at Uncut for mentioning the record in his “Wild Mercury Sound” playlist. Onwards!