Nathan Salsburg and Bonny Billy live a few blocks from each other in Louisville, Kentucky, and a few blocks further from the storied Beargrass Creek, which runs its final stretch through Butchertown into the Ohio River. These gentlemen get musical strength from their environment, evidently. Salsburg picks his guitar for fun and money, and works under his own auspices as well as those of Joan Shelley and Alan Lomax. Bonny, too, is employed by both his own damn self and really almost any old voiceless endeavor-presenter. Both are artist-workers with staunch undefinable standards for which they’ll fight tooth-and-paw. Salsburg’s most recent record is Ambsace (PoB-21), made with James Elkington. Bonny’s is Best Troubadour, out in May 2017. 

Paradise of Bachelors is honored to shepherd unto your ears and hearths the charming first recorded artifact by this august duo, an untitled 45rpm 7″ EP, in which the intrepid gents gamely paddle forth to explore two Kentucky creeks, singing an ode to Beargrass and meeting their match in two hitchhiking, car-riding young ladies of the Cigarette Crew, released on the occasion of Record Store Day 2017.




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Bonnie “Prince” Billy:

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Nathan Salsburg:

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Nathan Salsburg with Joan Shelley:

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Press Acknowledgments

Acclaim for Bonnie “Prince” Billy:

His intelligent, huge-hearted outpourings showcase Americana at its very best.

– The Quietus

Oldham is perhaps the greatest of human singers, in that he sounds like a real person.

– Pitchfork

Acclaim for Nathan Salsburg:

One of those names we’ll all associate with American folk guitar.

– NPR Music

Wherever Salsburg goes, it’s always a pleasure.

– Aquarium Drunkard