Still from "Where's Anton", Dir. Joe DeNardo.

Still from “Where’s Anton”, Dir. Joe DeNardo.

We’re thrilled to welcome Gun Outfit to our Paradise of Bachelors family. Last year, we were fortunate to see the band play with Lavender Country in Los Angeles; our ears were treated to a set of burned, dual-guitar elegance beautifully evolved from the great Possession Sound and Hard Coming Down LPs. We’re so honored to be in cahoots. There’s a new album and it’s a stunner; we’ll share more info on that very soon. In the meantime, Gun Outfit heads to Brooklyn to play the Northside Festival this week.

You can read more about the band on their new artist page, here.

Fri. June 12 – Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus Bar. Pitchfork Showcase

Sat. June 13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium. Wharf Cat Records Showcase.

Fri. June 19 – Queens, NY @ Trans Pecos. AdHoc presents.



Country-hearted punk … like Sonic Youth covering Woody Guthrie. Wonderfully evocative, channeling a line of road-worn blues that exudes Zen-like calm and collectedness. Sublimely textured guitars spin off one another into an ether of faded memory, next to skeletal patches of warm, crawling psychedelia. This smart brand of cerebral slackerism is rare in guitar rock today, and refreshing. One of the most overlooked guitar bands going.

– Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork

Dylan Sharp is starting to remind me more and more of Lee Hazlewood as both a singer and writer, and Carrie Keith’s voice has bent into something between Stevie Nicks and Courtney Love, rasping with beautiful, weatherbeaten soul.

– Doug Mosurock, Dusted