Photo by Heather Hall.

Photo by Heather Hall.

Many thanks to Pitchfork and Jenn Pelly for the righteous and insightful 8.1 review of the new Gun Outfit record Dream All Over:

Dream All Over recalls the most crucial lesson of all underground rock music: become your own sound, and create a universe for it to exist in… [It’s] Gun Outfit’s most consistent record by some margin. With its echoing grooves, drifting landscapes, and new textures—bits of bluegrass banjo, homemade electric sitars—Dream All Over has the blue-sky sensibility of a soul-searching road trip. Levitating hooks and an emotional heaviness co-exist in their impressionistic songs, like the light-and-dark glow of a perpetual magic hour. 

– Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork


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