Happy Día de los Muertos! For those of you who missed the amphitheatrical sunshine glory that was the PoB/WXYC Hopscotch Day Party–do not despair! As promised, we have plenty of documentation to offer, courtesy of the musicians, Jonas Blank and NYC Taper, and photographer Constance Mensh. Read on for free streaming and downloadable audio, plus some lovely photos of the event. (Please note that Pelt + Daniel Bachman and Steve Gunn requested that their sets from that day not be shared–you had to be there!)


But first, let us draw your attention to the first official Paradise of Bachelors item of non-musical merchandise, and an apt one at that, premiered at the Hopscotch Day Party. The PoB Krab Koozie, which features one of our favorite critters in all of his natural (well, steamed) orange glory, is a design collaboration between the Bachelors and Jason Killinger of Spacin’ and Birds of Maya.

This bold-chillin’ cozy fits snugly on your favorite bottled or canned beverage for year-round temperature control in a Spctrm VII stylee. Keep your brew cold all the way across the Seven Mile Bridge and beyond… You know you need one; why not add one of these little guys to your record order? Click away below.

Only $3

OK, now onto the music! Check out selected audio streams below, and click the Details and Downloads links to NYC Taper’s website, where you kind find gear manifests and downloads of full sets in both MP3 and FLAC formats.

Lonnie Holley

Details and Downloads


Details and Downloads

The Black Twig Pickers

Details and Downloads

Promised Land Sound

Details and Downloads

Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band

Details and Downloads

Birds of Maya

Details and Downloads

Photos by Constance Mensh

Click any image to view the Flickr slideshow


PoB + Hopscotch, a set by Constance Mensh on Flickr.