ICYMI, a PSA: Local purveyor of fine tunes and stiff brims Jake Xerxes Fussell hosts a weekly two-hour radio show down the road at WHUP in Hillsborough, NC – with sometimes co-host and chicken-bog expert Jefferson Currie II.

Here’s “Fall Line Radio” in their own words, echoing PoB’s own sentiments closely:

“Hosted by music researchers Jake X. Fussell and Jefferson Currie IIFall Line Radio brings to its audience a diverse spectrum of sonic offerings from the world’s many musical communities, with a particular bent toward the songs and tunes of the American south. However, our idea of “southern” is broad and inclusive and distances itself from stagnant notions of authenticity, exclusivity, and antiquity. As much as we cherish our prewar blues 78s and “old-time” fiddle tunes, we also love hip-hop, bounce, banda, and norteña. We’re deeply passionate about Native American music traditions, particularly the songs and dances of the southeastern tribal communities. This could mean a 1908 cylinder recording of a Muskogee garfish dance or a homemade YouTube video of a Lumbee rap group.  “Fall Line” is a geological term used to describe locales where the lush, rolling hills of upland piedmont meet the flat, sedimentary terrain of the coastal plain. We’re intrigued by junctions of such seemingly incongruous elements and the wonderful, endless alluvium to which they give rise.”

Some past episodes include “Accordions, Windjammers & Other Squeezeboxes”, “Huasteca Music of Mexico”, and “Salt Life: Sea Chanteys, Maritime Ballads & Songs of Life at Sea”, among many others.

Fall Line Radio” airs every Wednesday from 1-3pm on WHUP and can be streamed at https://whupfm.org/ or heard on 104.7 FM if you’re local. The most recent episode, “The Early Years of the American Folk Revival”, can be streamed here.