Paradise in the papers! Friends, when you have a few moments of ease, please peruse the following full-length article and two new reviews of Said I Had a Vision and Tobacco a-Go-Go.

In their eleventh issue, Charlotte-based concern Shuffle, a fine magazine dedicated to the music of the Carolinas, has published a thoughtful piece about David Lee, Paradise of Bachelors, and Said I Had a Vision, featuring some choice quotes from the man himself. (But who is this Brendan Gleason character? The Irish actor?) Read the online version here, or if you live in North or South Carolina, pick up a paper copy next week. Thanks be to the Shufflers!

Additionally, Indiana University’s Black Grooves blog has posted a glowing review of Said I Had a Vision, and Durham’s own Bull City Records has an array of admiring things to say about Tobacco a-Go-Go. Finally, dig the evocative–and unexpected–description of Mr. Lee’s “pencil-thin Cantinflas moustache” over at the Weirdo Records realm.

Mark your calendars, Visionaires: David Lee will appear at the North Carolina Folklore Society’s Brown-Hudson Awards ceremony at Girard Hall on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus at 2:45pm on Saturday, April 2, 2011. Register for the free event here. Read more about the Brown-Hudson Award here.