Photo by Timothy Breen.


Stratospheric soundscapes with textural vocalizations that bring to mind the orbital beauty of Steve Reich while achieving an analog warmth all its own.” – FACT

Cerebral and beautifully ambient” – Chicago Sun-Times

The music Jaime Fennelly makes under the name Mind Over Mirrors creates a sense of everlasting wonder…If 2015’s The Voice Calling was a somber devotional, Undying Color is shaping up to be praise music for the American landscape.” – NPR

“An album of sprawling beauty, one that traverses through heady swells of moaning synthesizers, pulsing, bent rhythms, and avant-garde instrumentation.” – XLR8R


Mind Over Mirrors has shared “To The Edges,” a strobing, drone-centric track from Undying Color, this morning via XLR8R. Featuring drifting wails from vocalists Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux) and Janet Bean (Eleventh Dream Day), as well as percussionist Jon Mueller, “To The Edges” showcases the unique combination of Indian pedal harmonium and analog synthesizer that makes Jaime Fennelly’s music as Mind Over Mirrors so singular. Undying Color is out February 17th on Paradise of Bachelors. Check it out here, or below.




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Fennelly described the song to XLR8R as inspired by a unique phenomenon in the natural world: “Magicicada nymphs emerge above ground every 17 years to shed their exoskeletons and transform into group chorus centers, where song (and mating) are the only objectives before their short numbered days come to a close as they lay eggs, only to repeat their prime-numbered cycle.  Similarly, the circadian-synthesizers in “To the Edges” awaken to call out into the precipices of day folding into night, through the hyperdrive portal summoned by the electronically-harmonized Indian pump organ to transport into a deep visceral place between the then, the now, the next and everything betwixt & between.”

Mind Over Mirrors will be celebrating the release of Undying Color at Constellation in Chicago on March 3rd as a quartet with Mueller, Bean, and Califone’s Jim Becker on fiddle. They will be co-headlining the show with Doug McComb’s Brokeback. More info on the show is available HERE.

Mind Over Mirrors previously shared two tracks from the new album, including Restore & Slip,” which expands on forms pioneered by Henry Flynt and La Monte Young, as well as Glossolaliac”, a track built around pulsating synths and meditative fiddle.