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If you require a mind-expanding tonic to our national spell of ignorant, truculent insanity, the spellbinding new Mind Over Mirrors album Undying Color is available today in your favorite record shops and online merchants, digital and physical alike.

We’ve overturned sufficient words in praise of this remarkable record by the ever-evolving project of Jaime Fennelly, so please read on for critical acclaim selected from the growing chorus.

Featuring contributions from Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux), Janet Bean (Eleventh Dream Day), Jim Becker (Califone), and Jon Mueller (Volcano Choir), with production by Cooper Crain (Bitchin’ Bajas), Undying Color is highly recommended if you like: Brian EnoHenry FlyntMoondogPopul VuhSun RaCatherine Ribeiro + AlpesArthur Russell, or Laurie Spiegel.


Play it loud; go outside; the camellias are blooming.




Near-religious drone. The effect is kaleidoscopic: not one outcome, but a shifting pattern of constants, their shape wont to change on each listen and with each listener. Undying Color, with all its complexity and potentially conflicting ideas, is contemporary folk without cliché – a thoroughly modern mythology and a lens through which to more freely interpret the watertight exactitudes of our 21st-century way of thinking and of moving through the world.  –  The Quietus

The music Jaime Fennelly makes under the name Mind Over Mirrors creates a sense of everlasting wonder … Undying Color is shaping up to be praise music for the American landscape. – NPR Music

Pulsing, cyclical grooves which ally grounded, folksy timbres to minimalist methods… the solemn bass drum and droning harmonium have the oceanic desolation of a drowned shanty. –  The Independent

The most diverse Mind Over Mirrors release so far, featuring detailed sonic textures, percussion-led rhythms, and a web of singing that opens up new spaces in the music. – The Wire

Devotional ambient dreamscapes, oak-aged kosmische jams, a kaleidoscopic game of drones… Undying Color offers a rich, textured experience. This psych sound world demands full sensory immersion, but once inside there’s much to enjoy, as it follows in the fertile footsteps of Terry Riley and Alice Coltrane. – Uncut


Photo by Timothy Breen.


Ambient tones and drones recall the time-lapse of an epic nature documentary but soon transform into a theme or a groove, rendering the compositions active listening. It’s refreshing to see a musician approach their work with such intention, such mindfulness, such clarity of vision. – The Observer

There are natural forces at work in the sound of Mind Over Mirrors’ Undying Color. Its meditative drones move forward with a sense of direction, their weight determining their course. While so often synthesizer music seeks to make the listener feel weightless, Fennelly finds beauty in binding, securing forces. – FLOOD

The new album contains some of his strongest compositions… hypnotizing layers of harmonium and synthesizer. The extra voices don’t disrupt Fennelly’s meditative, cosmic-rustic sound—instead it blossoms with a much richer and better developed palette of timbres and a broader dynamic range. – Chicago Reader

The cumulative effect is like tripping balls with Steve Reich on Roscoe Holcomb’s back porch.  – The Vinyl District




Mind Over Mirrors will be celebrating the release of Undying Color at Constellation in Chicago on March 3rd as a quartet, with Jon Mueller, Janet Beveridge Bean, and Jim Becker. They will be co-headlining the show with Doug McComb’s Brokeback. More info on the show is available HERE.

More US dates will be announced soon.



Our friends (and distributors) at the Secretly Group are assembling a durational 100-track compilation to benefit a variety of worthy organizations involved in the resistance against the current oppressive political regime in the U.S. You can read more about the Our First 100 Days project, and donate in exchange for downloads, here, where you can also listen to “Sky Colorer,” the lovely contribution from Mind Over Mirrors (featuring Jim Becker on fiddle), which happens to be released today (Day 29), in conjunction with Undying Color.

Stay tuned for tracks from Terry Allen, Nap Eyes, ItascaNathan Bowles, and more PoB artists.



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R.I.P. HARRY MATHEWS (1930-2017)

Dive in if you’re unfamiliar; he was one of our favorite writers.

Words and music—or should it be music and words?” – Harry Mathews (1982)