M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger.

M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger.

Friends, a few items of interest for February——-

First, despite the dire warnings on our product page, we have been able to free up a handful of copies of the first pressing of Hiss Golden Messenger’s critically acclaimed Poor Moon LP. This is your last chance to own the original, hand-numbered edition with tip-on sleeves. Email us if you’re interested. Look for a second vinyl edition this spring, as well as a CD reissue on the fine Tompkins Square label, available in April. (You can read about Tompkins Square in today’s Capital New York profile.)

We’ll certainly be featuring some special pre-order deals for our vinyl repressing of the album, perhaps with some other limited-edition Hiss Golden Messenger recordings, so stay tuned here and on the Faces. (PoB-03 will drop shortly thereafter in late spring–this one’s another exciting reissue project, featuring a late 1960’s interracial North Carolina heavy psych band with roots in the American Indian community.)

Elsewise, Poor Moon Spazz and Slopped at #440 on the Village Voice‘s annual Pazz and Jop list, thanks to the ratings of critics Amanda Petrusich and Jerry Dannemiller. Thanks, y’all!

John Schacht, HGM’s ambassador in Charlotte, penned this sweet little review in Creative Loafing.

The excellent Uncut review and HGM profile by Alastair McKay is now available online. Our sources tell us that the sampler CD to accompany the most recent print issue of the magazine features a track from the album. In other international news, look for HGM on tour with the great Michael Chapman in the UK in April/May and at the Kilkenny Roots Festival in August.

There’s a capsule review of Poor Moon in the 20th anniversary issue of Roctober.

The esteemed and discerning critic Doug Mosurock of Dusted has this to say about Poor Moon in his Still Single column:

“RECOMMENDED. Some of the most accomplished country-rock I’ve heard in some time is on this record. HGM frontman M.C. Taylor is versatile enough to be able to project both weathered ballads and soulful crooning, right at the lip of “hot country” tropes, as well as your country royalty (Hank, George, Townes, etc.) but mostly passionate-sounding, his laconic demeanor positioned well in a five-piece rock combo, with plenty of soul, and an understated hand that brings out the best in his songs. It’s not hard to see this guy playing the lothario in some roadhouse, with secrets he keeps tucked in his denim jacket. There are a number of guys in this vein right now (D. Charles Speer and Zachary Cale comes to mind, albeit from slightly more specific directions), and Taylor and co. are among the best. For fans of the genre, this can’t be beat. 500 numbered copies.”

Finally, fans of HGM and all jams in the honky-conch/wink-stink/boot-cut genres will want to check out M.C. Taylor’s free Wah-Wah Cowboys Vol. II mix. Bam. If that’s not enough to tide you over until the next album, please be advised that the band is currently recording a new record. That’s right.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!