Thanks to NPR First Watch and All Songs TV for premiering the prismatic, engimatic video for Gun Outfit‘s “Legends of My Own,” from their forthcoming album Dream All Over. Echoes of Jean-Pierre Melville and Agnes Varda suffuse this mysterious dream-damaged heist narrative, which Gun Outfit guitarist, singer, and songwriter Carrie Keith shot entirely on film.

Watch via VEVO, or stream above.

Gun Outfit-LOMO still 2

Filmmaker Carrie Keith reflects on the video:

“Dececco came down with some silent concepts, and I had managed to acquire expired 16, so we shot with Mike Stoltz, and Nastassia plays the French shadow. I know Agnes Varda had been around, and she’s often on my mind anyway. Late fall I was in Washington and went for a ride out to the coast with David Harris and Alex in her Cadillac, where we shot the color Super 8; some details I took from Melville, like the hat and overcoat against a cold background. The Camaro came back from Wyoming — my brother had souped it up — and my dad was running it around town, so we shot the two cars on a bridge over where the deal goes down.”

According to NPR’s Lars Gotrich:

“As the Olympia punks in Gun Outfit have stretched out and let their hair down, the band’s vibe has followed suit, getting looser with each record. Recorded just before the duo’s move to L.A., Dream All Over is a dusty piece of good-time rock ‘n’ roll that just wants to hit the open road. That’s what appears to be the abstract narrative behind the video for “Legends Of My Own.”

While Dylan Sharp normally shares vocal and guitar duties with Carrie Keith, Keith takes the vocal lead here on a melody that recalls Kim Wilde’s “Kids In America.” As a figure in a black hat gets busted on a deal, she sings, “I looked familiar in a foreign land / I couldn’t speak, but I could understand / From another life I rode / Into a desert of my own,” like a drifter out to make the best of a bad situation.”


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