Photos by Alysse Gafkjen.

Photos by Alysse Gafkjen.

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NPR’s World Cafe Next has profiled Promised Land Sound, premiering For Use and Delight album opener “Push and Pull (All the Time)” in advance of the October 2 album release. You can read the full piece here, or stream the song above.

Here’s what the good people at World Cafe had to say:

“NPR Music’s Ann Powers turned World Cafe on to the Nashville band Promised Land Sound last year, just in time for the Americana Music Festival. At that time, the trio could have been labeled country-rock, but on its new album, For Use And Delight, it leans more toward the “rock” side of the equation. In the past, the group’s music has referenced Gram Parsons; now, you can also hear the influence of British psychedelic band The Pretty Things.

For Use And Delight comes out Oct. 2. You can download the World Cafe: Nextpodcast at the show’s Tumblr.”

Stereogum has also posted the track, writing:

“Scuzzy melodies and chiming guitars combining to encapsulate the sounds of summer in song form. The rosy lyrics and shimmying chords take you back to warm bonfires and the glow of fireflies during hot July evenings. It’s enough to make you ache for the summer that’s already beginning to slip away.”