We’ve been talking with J. Hawkins of Pensacola about reissuing some of the acerbic, whiskey-soused, barefootin’ Flor-Noir honky-tonk on his 1980 debut LP “One Eye Open,” released on his own Partying Fools Productions–in our opinion one of the great label names, which also features one of the great record cover illustrations of the ages (see above.) His songs have an edge and energy to match the title and cover image. Master tape transfers are underway and sounding fine. J. is a real gentleman and one of the founding talents of the legendary Flora-bama Lounge and Package on Perdido Key, a border venue infamous for its raucous good vibes, musicianship, and annual Mullet Toss. Much more about all these adventures soon; J.’s stories of songwriting, prison, and epic sessions require some beer-fueled unraveling, all in good time. Respect to Hammy for turning us on to this one.

The below footage comes courtesy of the fascinating UZ TV.