Apologies for such a long silence. Please take this hiatus as a sign that we are hard at work on our forthcoming inaugural LP, Said I Had a Vision: Songs & Labels of David Lee, 1960-1988. We’ve chosen a pressing plant, we’re in the midst of the long design and layout process, and we are finishing up extensive, 9500-word liner notes, including track-by-track discographical and historical details and an extended biographical and curatorial essay. Each record will include a coupon for free digital download and an 11 x 11″ booklet containing notes and copious photography and archival materials. We’re excited and honored to present a package that accurately represents David Lee’s long career in music and our relationship with him and the artists with whom he has worked.

To tide you over until our late summer/early fall release date–which will hopefully feature release parties both in the Triangle area and in Celeveland County, North Carolina–please accept the following recording of a Soundsystem appearance at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Saturday Night Filmmakers’ Party in Durham on April 10. Full Frame is an impressive organization and festival, and we were glad to provide a soundtrack to one of their gatherings.

Stream below, or download the full set by clicking on the arrow to the right of the waveform timeline.