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We’ve long admired the music of Cornish folk-rock collective Red River Dialect, the project of songwriter David Morris, so it’s a treat to announce our exclusive U.S. and Canadian distribution of the vinyl version of their lovely new album Tender Gold and Gentle Blue (featuring Nathan Salsburg!), which you can pre-order above in advance of the July 31 release date. Stream the album through July 30 via NPR Music, who have this to say about its myriad melancholy, devotional charms:

“Drawing on late ’60’s British folk-rock and psychedelic music, this is a quiet and desperate record that is always but a squall away from breaking apart. It would all be unrelenting if Tender Gold weren’t so damn pretty.” – Lars Gotrich, NPR Music

PoB is your source for this import LP in the U.S. and Canada, and it’s only available in extremely limited quantities (a total edition of 300, of which we have only a portion), so order now. When ordered directly from us, the LP is accompanied by a lyrics insert, 6×4″ photo of the recording sessions, a download card, and an immediate MP3 download of the first two songs “For Ruth and Jane” and “Fallen Tree.” We anticipate shipping all pre-orders soon after release.


“I came to know Red River Dialect through my travels to Cornwall, and their music has come to signify everything wild and shambolic and heartrendingly, unfairly beautiful that I understand about that coast. Theirs is a focused longing, a confusion of soul, a visionary lamentation.”
– M.C. Taylor, Hiss Golden Messenger