Various Artists
Tobacco A-Go-Go: North Carolina Rock 'n' Roll in the Sixties, Vol. 1


A1. Bondsmen: “I See the Light”
A2. Challengers: “Moon, Send My Baby”
A3. Clear Blue Sky: “Morning of Creation”
A4. Si-Dells: “Watch Out Mother”
A5. Corsayers: “Money”
A6. Nightwalkers: “It’ll Only Hurt for a Little While”
A7. Barracudas: “Not Fade Away”
A8. Counts IV: “Listen to Me”
A9. Arrogance: “Black Death”
B1. The Young Ones: “Too Much Lovin’”
B2. Soul Twisters: “Swingin’ on a Grapevine”
B3. The Sands: “Mister You’re a Better Man Than I”
B4. The Dukes: “It’s Got the Whole World Shakin’”
B5. Sound System: “Take a Look at Yourself”
B6. Bondsmen: “Our Time to Try”
B7. Vigilantes: “Ain’t It Sad”
B8. Cykle: “If You Can”
B9. Turks: “Fire”


Album Info

We are delighted to announce our exclusive distribution of Tobacco A-Go-Go: North Carolina Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Sixties, Vol. 1, the groundbreaking and speaker-shaking compilation LP of rare 1960s garage, psych, and soul 45s with an Old North State lineage, originally issued in 1984 on the local Blue Mold label. Record collector, music historian, and musician Ken Friedman lovingly assembled this collection, the first volume in a series, almost three decades ago–without the help of the interweb, the record collector’s boon and bane–as a tribute to North Carolina’s then-obscure regional scene. (Check out James Taylor’s vocals on the Corsayers track!)

Paradise of Bachelors is proud to present the remaining stock of the original 1984 vinyl pressing of this historic anthology–these are unplayed, still-sealed, mint LPs available only in a limited quantity.

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