PoB Krab Koozie
Cold Chillin'

Product Info

Attention swillers, smugglers, beach weirdos, et al.: Here it is, the first official Paradise of Bachelors item of non-musical merchandise, and an apt one at that. The PoB Krab Koozie, which features one of our favorite critters in all of his natural (well, steamed) orange glory, is a design collaboration between the Bachelors and Jason Killinger of Spacin' and Birds of Maya.

This bold-chillin' cozy fits snugly on your favorite bottled or canned beverage for year-round temperature control in a Spctrm VII stylee. Keep your brew cold all the way across the Seven Mile Bridge and beyond... You know you need one; why not add one of these little guys to your record order?

Price: $3.00

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