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"It's a shit business."

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"It's a shit business." So says the High Roller, and who are we to argue?

Friends of Paradise will want to sport one of these stunning t-shirts, our first piece of PoB apparel, in order to embrace and to represent more fully the sound, the vision, the ethic of the Bachelors. As seen on PoB artists and boosters worldwide, this super-soft, 100% cotton, power-washed American Apparel jersey short-sleeve shirt boasts a mesmerizing High Roller illustration by artist Mike Paré and design and typography by PoB.

Available in CremePewter, and Lilac in various sizes, it's suitable for both ladies and gents and the perfect piece for a day at the races or a night on the town.

N.B.: Power-washed American Apparel shirts tend to run up to a size larger than their regular sizing.


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Price: $18.00

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