The Search is on. In advance of the July 16 release of Chance’s legendary and lost 1981 countrydelic opus In Search–which you can  pre-order here–Spin is kindly streaming the full album on a temporary basis, along with a great feature. Here’s the link to the Spin piece, and below is the full album stream (available until July 16).

Spin’s Kyle McGovern describes the record as “an otherworldly mix of country, garage, and psychedelia, a little-heard Southern Gothic gem delivered by a spacesuit-wearing lovin’ man.” Indeed!

Chance himself tells Spin:

“I consider [recording] it the greatest time of my life. Nothing stands above that to me. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and relive some of those sessions. I guess the closest thing I’m doing is listening to it by myself, riding in the country in my car. It’s like watching a slideshow. I can actually see and hear things. It’s almost like I can hear [my bandmates’] voices sometimes talking to me. And that’ll always be with me, and I treasure that.”

Those within reach of Nashville should also definitely consider attending the official PoB release party at The Stone Fox on Saturday, July 13. This is your chance to meet Chance and some of the Dead End crew in person (see below road dawg photo) and hear the visionary artist spin his tales of working with Johnny Cash and writing and recording this epic record. The Facebook event is here.

Chance’s In Search Release Party
Saturday, July 13, 3-6pm
The Stone Fox
712 51st Ave N.
Nashville, TN 37209 

Chance Band on the road