Many thanks to Stereogum for premiering “Whiskey” from our upcoming reissue of Kenny Knight’s Crossroads (out on May 12; originally released in 1980), one of our very favorite songs on an album of indelible songs. This jittery head-nodder touches on some heavy darkness: an alcoholic’s lament about childhood drinking, drunk driving, a constant fear of death, and almost shitting your pants (seriously, it’s dark.)

Caitlin White at Stereogum describes the track beautifully (click here to read her entire excellent piece):

“There’s a hint of the sidewinding seventies on Crossroads, some Laurel Canyon gentleness, and bits of backwoods stubbornness, but the crown jewel on this album is the swaggering, bitterly terrified jam called “Whiskey.” It rumbles and bops with a friendly, warm freight train feel, before descending into the kind of liquour-induced existential paranoia that the Irish knowingly dub “The Fear.” Between a Cheshire cat bass line and scratchy, playful guitar that rattles around Knight’s anxious story-telling. One of the purposes of country music is to turn a prevalent horror like driving drunk, or death itself, into a manageable matter. On “Whiskey,” Knight cloaks mortality in wink-and-a-grin insouciance. It could be Springsteen, it could be Elvis, it could be Waylon. But it’s not. It’s Kenny Knight, finally being heard.”

“Whiskey” will be available as an iTunes immediate download track and on all streaming services tomorrow, April 8.

For more details, visit the album page, and pre-order here:

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13th St. Exit (Kenny in boots)

13th St. Exit (Kenny in boots)