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Thanks to our friends at Stereogum for offering an album stream premiere of Nap EyesWhine of the Mystic, a record that continues to blow minds, including ours, with its gnomic lyrics and crystalline melodies (scroll down for some press love.)

Check out the Stereogum stream here. It’s a highly recommended tonic for nursing your Canada Day hangover or gearing up for your Fourth of July party. (On the July 10 release date, the album will also be available to stream at Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) Stereogum describes the record as “a thoughtful, complicated, and knotted debut that manages to feel grounded even as it explores the stars.”

One more week of pre-orders remain, and existing pre-orders have shipped. For more about the record, check out the album page. Artist page is here. Nap Eyes is in the middle of a US/CA tour, so catch them if you can. PoB will be at the 7/14 Bloomington, IN gig, so say hello if you make it. Here are the remaining dates:


07/02/2015 Victoria, BC / Logan’s Pub with Monomyth

07/04/2015 Seattle, WA / Werewolf Vacation House

07/06/2015 Portland, OR / Bunk Bar with Monomyth – Buy Tickets

07/07/2015 Boise, ID / Neurolux with Monomyth – Buy Tickets

07/10/2015 Kansas City, MO / The Riot Room with Monomyth

07/11/2015 Des Moines, IA / Vaudeville Mews with The Vahnevants, Monomyth, Nevada Nevada – FREE SHOW

07/13/2015 Chicago, IL / The Empty Bottle with Monomyth

07/14/2015 Bloomington, IN / The Bishop with Monomyth, Hoops – Buy Tickets

07/15/2015 Windsor, ON / Phog Lounge with Monomyth

07/17/2015 Hamilton, ON / Eternal Summer – House Show – with Monomyth, White Crowleys

07/18/2015 Toronto, ON / The Smiling Buddha with Monomyth – Buy Tickets

07/31/2015 Sackville, NB / SappyFest – Buy Tickets

08/01/2015 Sackville, NB / SappyFest – Buy Tickets

08/02/2015 Sackville, NB / SappyFest – Buy Tickets

Photo by Colin Meloy.

Photo by Colin Medley.

Unkempt rock songs that are steeped in tradition yet impossible to pin down. Nigel Chapman sings with an observational deadpan that echoes back to the likes of Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman, and David Berman. This guy spends his days studying the infinite complexity of seemingly simplistic cells, and his songs function the same way. There are worlds inside [these] little three-chord lament[s].

– Chris DeVille, Stereogum

Nap Eyes moves from psych-riffs to astrophysicists; from Rubaiyatic poetry to punctuated bass, in easy fluid motions. Chapman’s calm, steady voice can be as pained as Bob Dylan’s, and his lyrics can be just as profound.

– Adria Young, Noisey

Nap Eyes’ Whine of the Mystic is a ragged splendour, one of the best things in ages. A band from Halifax with a sound like young caterpillar and old silk, like the Velvet Underground and Electrelane and Destroyer and Guided by Voices. Like liking a drink you know isn’t good for you; that’s good for you, that’s good for you, that you know isn’t good for you. They are a rock band just so faintly tripping. They are priests of Shaolin and the Holy See, with electric guitars in their hands, with an un-fancy drum-kit. Nap Eyes’ songs are mazey and riddled, but ambivalent about their mazes, ambivalent about their riddles; in this way they remind me of good smoke, holy incense smoke, always true to its incantation.

– Sean Michaels, Said the Gramophone

“Dark Creedence” would be my favorite kind of music if it were a genre. I’m into chooglin’, but mostly in an evil way.

– Steven Hyden, Grantland

Stunning. Chapman seems to be exploring an emotional complexity that matches the knots in his words. A wiry voice, a cluttered lyric sheet, and subtly nuanced, live-to-tape instrumentals: Whine of the Mystic is a fascinating listen, oscillating perfectly between sourness and brilliance.

– Portals

Recorded at the elusive Drones Club, this saintly record radiates with the light of the community from which it was born. The instrumentation of Halifax veterans Josh Salter, Seamus Dalton, and Brad Loughead mutate Chapman’s empathetic folk into anthemic grooves. 

– Weird Canada