One of Chance's custom collaged 8-tracks.

One of Chance’s custom collaged 8-tracks.

In advance of the July 16 release of Chance’s masterpiece In Search, we’re delighted that Consequence of Sound is streaming “Blue Monday,” one of our favorite songs on an album full of mind-blowing moments. This one is about a tough break-up with a ballet dancer. Check out the tune on COS here, or stream it below. Pre-order the album here.

“While Johnny Cash portrayed himself as the Man in Black, a lonesome outlaw figure roaming the outskirts of country and western, there was usually one man by his side to act as the Tonto to his Lone Ranger: Chance Martin… From his first note, Martin’s voice is the immediate draw, a version of Cash’s deep, authoritative pipes and sagely storyteller vibe made fresh with bits of wayfaring troubadour and intergalactic shaman. From there, the music does the rest of the psychedelic work, slowly evolving from a dusty country-folk tune with shades of hazy fuzz to an all-out rock and roll freak-out. It’s like if Cash had never married June Carter, instead living out his days in the desert doing peyote and proselytizing folks about the power of broken hearts.”

– Chris Coplan, Consequence of Sound

Chance fanatics and those of you in the Nashville area will want to attend our release party for In Search, the details of which are below (Facebook event is here.) The man himself will be in attendance with some of his bandmates, and there will be an informal panel discussion and slideshow. Chance is a masterful raconteur, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear about his experiences working on the album and with Johnny Cash.

Chance’s In Search (Re)Release Party
Saturday, July 13, 3-6pm
The Stone Fox
712 51st Ave N.
Nashville, TN 37209 

Young Chance with Johnny Cash