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Terry Allen’s Reissued Classic Is Out Today

A Simple Story: Sailor meets Alice in a Tijuana bar… We’re thrilled to be releasing one of our favorite records of all time today, Terry Allen‘s 1975 masterpiece Juarez. Happy release day, and a deep thank you, to Terry.

Produced in collaboration with the artist and meticulously remastered from the original analog tapes, this is the definitive, deluxe edition of the art-country classic: the first reissue on vinyl; the first to feature the originally intended artwork (including the suite of lithographs that accompanied the first edition, recently covered by The Quietus); and the first to contextualize the album within Allen’s fifty-year art practice. We’ve spilled a lot of ink singing this album’s praises—here in Impose and elsewhere—but you can read more about the reissues, as well as some other examples of the effusive universal acclaim for this record, here and below.

Please stay tuned for more information about Terry’s next masterpiece Lubbock (on everything), which will be available later in 2016.


Other ways to purchase this release:   iTunes  |  Amazon  |  Bandcamp


Selected Recent Acclaim for Juarez

“The path that Allen chose was even wilier [than his country music contemporaries]: smuggling his outsider storytelling into the art world, leaning on his gnawing Texas twang to ground his imaginings in an uncivilized landscape. With Juarez, Allen conjures a still-Wild West, at once romantic and grotesque, nourishing and mystical.”– NPR 

“Grim, funny, epic and intimate all at once, Juarez belongs in a genre unto itself … timeless. His catalog, reaching back to 1975’s Juarez, has been uniformly eccentric and uncompromising, savage and beautiful, literate and guttural.”– Rolling Stone

“9/10. A lovingly remastered version of the nebulous country classic. This riveting artifact, now with Allen’s original artwork and extensive booklet, only improves with age. A thing of intense beauty.”  – Uncut

8.0. Juarez retains its kick 40 years on. What stands out in revisiting it now is the stunning poetry of the lines themselves … [which] quiver with a raw vision rarely heard in folk or country. While Juarez has been reissued a few times over the decades, only with Paradise of Bachelors’ deluxe new reissue are Allen’s peculiar visuals again wedded with the music. – Andy Beta, Pitchfork

“Terry Allen’s Juarez is a cornerstone work of Americana. It’s a fascinating oddity streaked with sex, violence and sorrow, a sort of seedcorn of the Robert Rodriguez aesthetic, presented complete with the lithographs that accompanied the original.”– The Independent

“Seminal 70s recordings Juarez and Lubbock (On Everything) are resolute, meant to be absorbed in their entirety. With humor and a gift for songwriting, each finds Allen subtly giving the middle finger to any and all expectations of what Country is or should be.”– Aquarium Drunkard

“The music of Juarez is as unique as the man himself. Allen’s voice is incredible; he shifts from mellow Texas drawl to bloodcurdling intensity from line to line. Against the darkness of the material, Allen’s singing and songcraft manage to convey humor and warmth, elevating the story and music out of the realm of pulp.”– BOMB Magazine

“5 stars. A gripping, shocking, and seductive epic which haunts long after its 52 minutes… now able to radiate forever as one of the era’s greatest concept works. Working with Allen, PoB have done a spectacular restoration job, reissuing it as Allen could only have dreamed of then.” – Kris Needs, Shindig!

“This is barrio poetry writ widescreen … an atmosphere where Randy Newman’s Good Old Boys meets Dylan’s Desire, with Cormac McCarthy buying shots. Repeated listens will quickly have Juarez clawing at the brain and the heart.”– Record Collector Magazine

“The songs are vivid, desperate, poetic, and brutal, like the anti-Randy Newman.”– MOJO


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Terry Allen Juarez T-Shirts

Today’s rainbow is tomorrow’s tamale.

Is there any more potent and perfect koan? Not for our money here at PoB. In celebration of our deluxe, definitive reissues of Terry Allen’s Juarez (1975, PoB-26) and Lubbock (on everything) (1979, PoB-27), we are proud to present the Terry Allen Tamale T-shirt—as far as we know, the first such item to exist in the wold, and long overdue—featuring the immortal line from Juarez and the cover of that abiding masterpiece of music and visual art on the front, with the PoB logo tastefully deployed on the back.

Available in White or Slate, sizes XS through XL, these 100% cotton, American Apparel fine jersey short-sleeved t-shirts are screenprinted by hand in Philadelphia, in a very limited edition. Perceptive fashionistas will recognize this as the second installment in our grand tradition of apparel featuring hirsute smoking men.


Assorted Other News

We will be at the Moogfest Record Fair in Durham, NC, this Saturday, May 21, from 12–4pm. Come by a pick up a little something from the catalog. Details here.

Nap Eyes, now on tour in the EU and UK, has recently announced some tour dates with Guided By Voices.

Gun Outfit, with US and EU tour dates on the horizon, has just posted all of their tour cassettes on their Bandcamp page.

Promised Land Sound, on tour soon with Steve Gunn, contributed a beautiful version of “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” to the July MOJO Bob Dylan issue.


Clearance Sale on Two Catalog Reissues





To make room for new releases in our stacks, we’re offering a clearance sale on two of our early reissues, the Vietnam vet psych-lament The Red Rippers’ Over There … and Over Here (PoB-05) and the visionary countrydelic In Search by Johnny Cash and Cowboy Jack Clement associate Chance.

Each of these fascinating private press classics is now available for only $3 on CD or MP3 or $5 on LP. Don’t sleep on this deal! As Chance says, you’re only A Loser Till You Win.