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Many thanks to The Fader for premiering “Shy Women” from Loyalty, another stunning song from the forthcoming album by The Weather Station.

Here’s what Duncan Cooper at The Fader has to say (it’s worth reading the whole piece, which includes some fascinating reflections from The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman):

The Weather Station Is About To Drop The Best Folk Album Of The Year

Listen to “Shy Women” and say it’s not true.

Paradise of Bachelors has spent the past few years building its reputation as one of the finest labels around for tradition-minded North American music. If they’re putting it out, you should be listening. On May 12th, they’ll drop The Weather Station’s fantastic new album, Loyalty, and it might be my favorite thing yet.

“Shy Women,” premiering today, is a perfect example of her attentiveness to minute, universalizing details. “It started the same as most my songs do—a small, commonplace moment that I couldn’t get out of my head,” Lindeman told The FADER. “There was something about it, so ordinary that it begged to be described, and describing it felt powerful somehow—simply to say that it was important, this commonplace thing—worth singing about. And as I did, the moment revealed itself as a kind of elevator shaft, going pretty much straight down, through all the ‘shyness’ of myself and many of the women I grew up with, and all the moments when we had kept silence, and how that silence has underpinned so much that is deeply wrong.”

One of the great lines in “Shy Women” is: You were staring out, your eyes real straight, like nothing touches you these days/ It seemed to me that luxury would be to be not so ashamed. She explained a bit: “When I say it would be a ‘luxury to be not so ashamed,’ I mean that completely. Shame is, for most women, a constant companion, and is I think the last greatest gender divide, that will be with us for as long as women feel their experience is not worth speaking of, and blame themselves for the actions and feelings of others.” It adds up to a remarkable song.

“Shy Women” will be available as an iTunes immediate download track and on all streaming services tomorrow, April 9.

For more details, visit the album page, and pre-order below:

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After a massive month garnering critical acclaim for her lead single “Way It Is, Way It Could Be“, opening for War On Drugs, and confirming a Canadian tour with Great Lake Swimmers, Tamara is also now confirmed to play this years Pickathon Festival.  Stay tuned for additional U.S. live dates.